I’m Jenn

I was put on this planet to help people improve their lives through technology. I’ve been exploring the depths of the web since I was 8 years old and attribute a large part of who I am today to what I’ve learned here. I hope to build tools to help others do the same.

I spent my college years studying the web in a more academic sense. Over time my interests have focused in on 3 things: Content, Community, and Commerce. I obsess over building amazing online experiences that touch on these areas and will easily talk your ear off about it for hours if given the chance.

I’ve more than once been called a unicorn. As a product manager who is also a designer and developer, I really enjoy thinking about building applications from the interactions to the implementation and then organizing all the moving pieces. I’m happiest when I get to dabble in the design and code of a project while orchestrating it through to completion. I’ve been a Product Manager at the likes of Yahoo!, Flickr, Etsy, and Birchbox. Most recently, I was Director of Product at Kandu. Using this varied experience, I’ve started an independent product and ux consultancy where I help companies maximize the potential of their digital products. I also created Betterlist.

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