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  • Hack-a-thon of One: The Last Day

    Wanderling Guides

    It’s been a few days of fighting with Amazon Glacier trying to get my photos back. So far I’ve managed to get some of my photos from Japan back on local drives, but there are yearrrrrsss of travel photos backed up there that will take a serious amount of time for me to download and […]

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  • Hack-a-thon of One: Day 2


    Much more tangible progress today. Though there wasn’t actually much dev work necessary, I wrote out 3 more guides and that helped cement some of the things I had in mind. A lot of what’s there now is unoptimized. Photos are hot-linked from third party sources (don’t worry, they’re my own photos), heights and widths […]

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  • A Hack-a-thon of One


    There’s something I’ve been wanting to make for the last few years. It’s something I find myself looking for when I plan my travels and something that I think will be fun to do. Not to mention, it’s been a few long months since I got my hands dirty in the code and design of […]

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  • Exhausted

    Well I made it through my week-long bootcamp. My body is spent. Everything hurts. I’ve already fallen asleep 4-5 times this afternoon/evening. Surprisingly I’m sad it’s over. I almost thought of signing up for 2 more days on Monday and Tuesday before I go. But then I realized I should probably let myself recuperate a […]