I'm Jenn.

I’m a tech geek with an ongoing case of wanderlust. I believe in distributed teams, independent businesses, and the importance of getting offline every once in a while.

Mostly Brilliant, my independent consultancy, is focused on applying product development and design best practices to small and early-stage businesses to make the most of limited resources. These days, I'm based in San Francisco as a Group Product Manager @ Zendesk, building the future of the customer service agent experience.

Side projects are my secret weapon to continually grow and develop my skills, serendipitously resulting in 2 acquisitions.

I'm always looking to connect with awesome people to talk product, gardening, baking, the freelance economy, location-independence, or how awesome the last episode of Westworld was. Find me in any of these places and let's chat:

Looking for my old posts? They live in my Artifacts now.